Close up of the lines on a running track, the typical lane numbers are replaced by '2021' (Photo via Pixabay)
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Following Sport In A Pandemic: Share Your Story

Why this matters

The Spring of 2020 marked a time where sport would be forever changed. The experience affected not only those who play, work, and admire sport, but people of all stripes. We want to hear your stories.

Monthly Issue Now & Then: How Sport Has Transformed

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Monthly Issue

Now & Then: How Sport Has Transformed

For many, it’s been approximately a year in the life of a pandemic. We’ve seen tragedy, resilience, growing gaps of opportunity and opportunities for growth, juxtaposed in communities across the globe. The world of sport was not immune.

From a pause in play, to a push for more progressive racial justice, to unanswered questions about the long-lasting impacts of COVID-19 that still linger in the air - what do we wish we knew then, that we know now?