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If You Build It, Will They Come? Part One

Why this matters

The move by the NFL Colts from Baltimore to Indianapolis reset the longstanding precedent that city funding for stadium development was usually a loan, not a subsidy. In part two, Karen explores how this subsidy model, which has been used for decades since the Colts move, is shifting again to include urban planning principles that integrate stadiums into the wider community.

Monthly Issue The Return on Our Sports Investment

Guest producer, Karen Given explores the debate of public vs. private funding of sports venues by digging into Indianapolis, a city that famously got its NFL team forty years ago when the Colts left Baltimore and then throughout the decades made itself known as a 'sports town.'

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Monthly Issue

The Return on Our Sports Investment

You can see it from the skyline: Sport is a dominant part of any community where it is played. The economic relationship between professional organizations and these communities has always been fundamental to understanding sport, but as the industry grows, so too does the sway sport holds over cities and states.

How do fans and residents see this relationship? Do these private businesses owe the public more than they are giving? And what is the ideal role sports organizations should play in a community?