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Word with the CEO: Who Will Rise to the Top of Women's Basketball?

Shae Leverett #21 of the South Florida Bulls reacts after winning the American Athletic Conference Women's Basketball Championship game against the UCF Knights at Dickies Arena on March 11, 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images)
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Word with the CEO: Who Will Rise to the Top of Women's Basketball?

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The latest Global Sport Institute Field Study data on diversity among women's college basketball coaches for teams in the Power Five and HBCUs did not show significant gains for women and women of Color. How has Title IX impacted the numbers since its implementation?

Monthly Issue Taking Charge in Women's Basketball

Global Sport Institute CEO Kenneth Shropshire joins Digital Communications Specialist Brendon Kleen to set off the Institute's latest Digital Issue, "Taking Charge in Women's Basketball," looking at hiring trends and the career pipeline for women's college basketball in Power Five schools and HBCUs. The pair discuss the history of the sport, the impact of Title IX when it was finally implemented in the mid 80s and they ask, will recent momentum change the future its leadership?

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Monthly Issue

Taking Charge in Women's Basketball

Across the world, basketball is relatively unique among team sports with the volume of women who play and coach in its ranks. Still, trends in the sport’s leadership don’t accurately reflect the athletes who put in the work each day on the court.

While a diverse crop of head coaches at HBCUs has not created a pipeline to the Power Five, new momentum behind women’s sports has helped carry women’s basketball to new heights. Can an exciting, outspoken generation of leaders in the sport turn it into a more equitable and popular avenue for women to thrive as leaders and athletes?