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For coaches unsure of how to support LGBTQ athletes, Ashland Johnson shares that you can control the team environment, to create safe, inclusive spaces that make all athletes feel safe in sport.

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"You can't control how an athlete comes out, but you can control your team environment."

Ashland Johnson, Founder and CEO of The Inclusion Playbook, works to enact policy that protects all participants in sport. In sport, athletes strive to feel a part of the team, and for those that are part of the LGBTQ community, nearly 1 in 5 athletes are not out to their coaches. But that's not to say coaches shouldn't think about how to create safe spaces. Instead Ashland offers advice for any coach that wants to support LGBTQ athletes by sharing that every person will be different in coming out, but as a coach, you have the power and responsibility to create inclusive environments that support every player.

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Predictions & Provocations for Sport: 2021

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