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As the pandemic hit in early 2020, sport came to a standstill and as some pondered when a return would happen, Professor Simon Chadwick wondered if this was a reset moment for sport.

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“We’ll be living in a period of revolution.”

Simon Chadwick is a professor and director of Eurasian sport for Emlyon Business School. He notes that the absence of sport has elicited nostalgia and genuine concern for what the reset of sport will look like. Commercial leagues have their advantages with money, visibility, and resources, while grassroots sports are increasingly falling behind. As sport makes its inevitable return, we must consider what it has become and what we want it to be.

As several countries undergo another round of lockdowns in response to COVID-19, we are reminded of those that occurred earlier this year. In both of these moments, the respective pauses on sport have caused people to consider what sport means and what it will look like when it fully returns.

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Predictions & Provocations for Sport: 2021

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