Kenneth Shropshire quote about new big players and the SPAC
2021 Business Culture

Vaccine Equals Hallelujah

Monthly Issue Predictions & Provocations for Sport: 2021

Vaccine equals hallelujah.

That’s the good news and the gradual positive impact it will have on sport.

Another potential positive is the continued focus of diversity, equity and inclusion, the downside there being if race issues do not remain at the forefront. Historically, the focus on race once invigorated has a tendency to fade.

The new big player in 2021? The SPAC, the special purpose acquisition company. As those gain economic power how diverse will they be?

Monthly Issue

Predictions & Provocations for Sport: 2021

Although no one could have predicted all that 2020 has been, what lessons will the world of sport take into next year?

We asked some of the best and brightest minds to contribute their thoughts.