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The Huddle: The Return To Sport. Will It Be Safe?

Monthly Issue COVID-19 & Sport

Professional sports are grappling with decisions about the number of games and where the safest place to play is. But what about the player’s physical abilities to return to sport after COVID-19 put their routines on pause? Dr. NiCole Keith, President of the American College of Sports Medicine discusses the implications of a return to sport and her research focused on improving health equity. And the NBA says they want to be realistic about the possibility that the season may not fully happen. We’re talking with epidemiologist, Zachary Binney, about what sports are up against and whether they can pull off the return that sports fans have been promised.

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The Huddle is where youth athletes to pros, business leaders to non-profits, sports writers and beyond gather for unabashed conversations that share daring stories and tackle complex matters of sport head-on.

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Monthly Issue

COVID-19 & Sport

COVID-19 is the rival no one in sport could game plan for. As many live events remain at a standstill and the world keeps adapting, how is sport resetting upon its staggered returns?