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GSM Live: COVID-19 & the Future of Youth Sport (Video)

Palestinian girls clad in masks due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic take part in an open-air boxing training near the beach in Gaza City on May 12, 2020. (Photo by Majdi Fathi/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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GSM Live: COVID-19 & the Future of Youth Sport (Video)

Monthly Issue COVID-19 & Sport

In a recent poll, Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University asked whether parents would allow their children to return to their organized sport. 62% said they would not due to concerns of catching COVID-19, and 63% said that they wouldn't allow their child to return until there was a vaccine. At the same time, 72% said the inability to play organized sport was causing stress or anxiety in their child.

This episode we talk to the experts about how kids are coping without sport, what it will take for parents to feel safe, and ways parents can engage their kids in sport through the summer. In light of current events, our conversation will also center on the role our youth can play in creating social change through sport. This week's guests were Renata Semril (LA84 Foundation), Dr. Ahada McCummings (Up2Us Sports), Dr. Eric Legg (ASU School of Community Resources & Development), and Bobby Dulle (Phoenix Rising FC).

Hosted by: Dr. Scott Brooks, Director of Research for the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University.

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Global Sport Matters Live is a conversation series presented by Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University and Global Sport Matters. Diverse thought leaders and experts will come together virtually to give their perspective on the most relevant issues impacting sport. From their corner of the globe, a rotation of guests will discuss what they’re facing locally, take questions and ideas from a virtual audience, and share solutions that improve the world of sport

Monthly Issue

COVID-19 & Sport

COVID-19 is the rival no one in sport could game plan for. As many live events remain at a standstill and the world keeps adapting, how is sport resetting upon its staggered returns?